Spotlight - Students of the Month - January


Ailie comes to school every day ready to learn. She gets right to work and stays on task throughout the day. Ailie is helpful and respectful to her peers and teachers. She knows what it looks like to be in the Merc Zone and reminds others if they are off task. I can always count on Ailie to help her classmates remember directions given or how something should be done.

- Ailie Pierce, Kindergarten


Lynette is a lovely example of what it means to be in the MERC zone! She is kind, helpful and generous. She works hard on her work and does a wonderful job participating in class discussions. She loves to be a helper. She is almost always the first to lend a helping hand in the classroom and loves answering questions her peers have with their work too, often without needing to be asked!

- Lynette Wilkie, 2nd Grade


Denny demonstrates the Merc Zone every day! His positive attitude is contagious. Denny shows determination in all academic areas; giving 100% on all of his work. He is a team player and is quick to demonstrate how to compromise. He is helpful in the classroom and notices when something needs to be cleaned up or organized.

- Dennis Oihus, 3rd Grade


At the beginning of the year Mason came to school with achievable goals he set for himself. Since then he has easily met his goals and keeps improving greatly all the time. He has become a fantastic role model for his classmates, participates in class, gets his work done on time, and shows up with a good attitude towards the day ahead.

- Mason Vanguilder, 4th Grade


Melody has been a great example of being in the merc zone. She has been working super hard on her work and helps her peers with work when she has finished without even being asked. She has been so fun to have in class and works well with anyone she is asked to work with. Melody is such a kind, bubbly, and fun girl to have in class. Keep up the great work Melody!

- Melody Misquadace, 5th Grade


Finlee is an excellent example of a student in the merc zone. She is friendly, personable, an incredibly hard worker, motivated, and asks questions. Thank you Finlee for everything you do for our classroom and school!

- Finlee Pierce, 6th Grade