Spotlight - Students of the Month - May


Lydia has been rocking it all year in kindergarten! She has a big heart and is a caring friend to everyone in the room. She is the first one anyone goes to when they need help with anything. Lydia is a great listener and a leader in the classroom. Lydia you are amazing!

- Lydia Jokimaki, Kindergarten


Jameson is an enthusiastic learner, always eager to participate and share thoughts during class. His responsibility, both in actions and words, sets a great example for others. Jameson excels academically and goes out of his way to help classmates and be a supportive friend.

- Jameson Nistler, 1st Grade


Skylar is a great example of a second-grader living in the Merc Zone! She is always putting her best effort into whatever she is trying to accomplish. She is respectful, kind, and helpful to both peers and adults. Keep up the great work, Skylar!!

- Skylar Rudolph, 2nd Grade


Paysen is new to the school this year and has worked hard from the start! He is a role model when it comes to perseverance - always showing grit when things are tough. He has a great attitude and can always be seen smiling.

- Paysen Brooks, 3rd Grade


Keely is a fantastic example of a student who has been in the Merc Zone all year long! She comes into class each day with a smile, participates in class, and follows instructions the first time. She also often volunteers to help others in the classroom. Way to go, Keely!

- Keely Pierce, 4th Grade


Lane is a kind and helpful 5th Grader! He cares for others and will always bring a smile to your face. Lane also cares about following the rules so you will always find him in the Merc Zone! Lane is a great reader and loves music. Keep up the great work, Lane!

- Lane Youker, 5th Grade


Boe has worked hard in 6th grade this year. He is a good friend to his peers and is kind and respectful to his teachers. When someone in class is struggling, he is often there to lend a helping hand or try to put a smile on their face. Keep up the great work!

- Boe Wuollet, 6th Grade